"Bringing Home to You"

African Products

We carry a fine selection of African products including produce, packaged goods, spices, and beverages.  As always, if you cannot find the item you are looking for please send us your list and we will do our best to get it for you.

African Foods & Spices

Plantain Fufu, Cocoyam Fufu, Cassava Fufu, Assorted Spices & Condiments, Hot Red Pepper, Stockfish–(Dried Cod), Bitter Cola Nuts, Alligator Pepper–Hot Spice Used with the Cola Nuts, Onugbu (Bitter Leaf), Suya–Similar to Beef Kabob, Dried Vegetables Grown in Africa, Frozen & Fresh Vegetables, Smoked Catfish, Gari, Pounded Yam, Frozen Snail, Maggi Cubes, Curry & Thyme, Okazi, Ugu, Fufu, Ghana Yams (Puna)

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