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Caribbean Products

We carry a fine selection of Caribbean products including produce, packaged goods, spices, and beverages.  As always, if you cannot find the item you are looking for please send us your list and we will do our best to get it for you.  

Rice                                                                                                                           Lotty Rice, Grace Loney Long Grain Par Boil Rice, Uncle Ben Brown Rice, Par Excell Parboil Rice

Beverages                                                                                                                     Vita Malt (Regular and Ginger), India Malt, Corib Malt, Malta Guinness, Bonona and Sorrel, Kola Champagne, Tiny Soda, Ginger Beer Soda, Cream Soda, Orange Soda, Grape Soda, Ginseng Up, Ginger Beer, Kola Champaign, Lemon-Lime Soda, D&G Drinks

Bread and Bun                                                                                                            Horda Bread (Large and Small), Pinch Bread, Toe Toe, Cinnamon Bun, H&B Spice Bun, Bulla, End Bread,

Biscuits, Crackers and Cookies                                                                                     Water Cracker, Eclipse Cracker, Cream Cracker, Ovaltine Biscuit, Shirley Biscuit, Excelsior Whole Wheat Biscuit, Butter Kist Ginger Cookies, Butter Kist Coconut Cookies, Butter Kist Shortbread

Chips                                                                                                                      Plantain Chips, Banana Chips, Chippies.

Spice                                                                                                                             Jerk Seasoning, Pimento (Whole), Pear essence, Almond Essence, Anise Essence, Mix Essence, Marmite, Seven Seas Malt Extract, Melos Vanilla, Benjamin Vanilla, Honey

Sauces                                                                                                                     Matouks Hot Sauce, Graces Hot Sauces, Matouks Kuchela, Matouks Hot Chow, Chatouks Shadon Boni Chutney, Green Seasoning, Grace Browning, Honk Kong Chinese Soy Sauce, Factory Chibes Soy Sauce, Maggi Seasoning, Magi Cock Soup, Grace Cock Soup

Curry                                                                                                                          Chief Curry, Bator Pac Curry, Chief’s Duck & Goat Curry, Saffron Powder, Indi Curry, Turban Curry, Roasted Geera, Amchor Massala, Madras Curry, Blue Mountain Curry,

Cocoa, Coffee, Milk, and Tea                                                                                    Harlicks, Complan, Mountain Peak Coffee, NesCafe Coffee, Ginger Tea, Cleansing Hyssop, Ovaltine Drink, Milo Drink, Cerasee Tea, Lemon grass Tea, Ginger Mint Tea, Bournvita, Khim Condense Milk, Mido Cardation Milk, Nido Evaporated Milk

Canned Meat                                                                                                            Grace Corn Beef, Africana Corn Beef, Sardine in Tomato Sauce, Grace Mackerel, Grace Sausages, Pink Salmon, Brunswick Sardine

Meat and Fish                                                                                                              Pork Loin, Salt Beef, Oxtail, Goat Meat, Smoked Goat, Smoked Turkey, Stock Fish, Fresh Red Snapper Fish, King Fish., Salt Mackerel

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