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Best Condensed Milk Of Human Kindness
Island Food Market

5318 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215
(410) 664-1818

Photo by Jefferson Jackson Steele 

It’s not just that Island Food Market is the place to go for all your anise-seed essence/frozen goat/gum Arabic/champagne cola/mauby bark/isinglass needs. And it’s not just that you can pick up phone cards and Caribbean toiletries and an assortment of Jamaican newspapers while you’re food shopping, or that you can pop over to the bakery next door for fresh patties and sweets. What sets the humble grocery apart is that inside its doors an oasis of civility and kindness prevails in an otherwise rough part of town. Non-Caribbeans are treated with the same welcome as native sons and daughters. Gentle giant Lenny will assist you with your purchases and field all preparation questions for unfamiliar foodstuffs. And did we mention the air is sweet, the floor is clean, and people hold the door open for each other?   © 2006 Baltimore City Paper"

 Call 410-664-1818 for pick up orders